U23 Kobe Sightseeing Guide

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Kobe Sight Seeing

Sannomiya, Motomachi

Nankin-machi (Chinatown)

Kobe, Yokohama and Nagasaki is three major Chinatown in Japan. Must eat long-established of pork buns. They have Chinese New Year Festival in February. They also have Mid-Autumn Festival in September and October.


District of the east beautiful and praised obtained foreigners in the Meiji era. Also building remains to leave at the time of the vestiges.



Ikuta Shrine

T201 years foundation historic shrine. Kobe means, home to protect the God of Ikuta Kanbe.



Kobe City Museum

National treasure and Kobe materials are on display. It is on the Flower Road. Museum was renovated increase the early Showa bank.

Kobe City Hall Observation Deck

Free of outlook spot overlooking the Kobe. Kobe City Hall Building 124th floor prospects lobby in the Flower Road.


Chisen-kaiyu-siki Japanese garden.  Across the stepping stones and stone bridge. Beautiful autumn leaves and cherry blossoms in spring. Near the prefectural office.



Kitano, Shin-Kobe

Kitano Ijinkan Street

The former residence of the foreigners are scattered who emigrated after opened, foreigner’s city continued from the early Meiji era of the settlement era.


Kazamidori no yakata (formerly Thomas housing)

Outer wall and the steeple of the weathercock is Kitano Ijinkan of symbol of bricks. German trade and commerce officers home, which was built in 1909. Important Cultural Property.

House of Uroko, Museum of Uroko

First published the Ijinkan in Kobe. The last of the residents Mr. German teacher help to find in a foreign people friendly luxury rented house. It is built in 1885  and relocated in 1905. The shape of the natural straight stones of the outer wall is called by this name because it appears to fish scales. In the scales museum which houses exhibits the work of artists representing the Kobe. Overlooking the Kobe of the city and harbor from the third floor observation room.

House of Moegi

It was wrapped in the outer wall of the Moegi, buit in 1903 building the United States Consul General Hunter Sharp’s mansion. From the second floor of the solarium overlooking the rooftops of Kobe.


House of line

Taisho initial built, two-story clapboard oil painting wooden, released veranda, eaves bellows, such as shutters, the Meiji era of Ijinkan style building. Looking for a nickname to the public in 1978, derived from that preview slope of the horizontal line (line) is beautiful, and this name.

Ben’s house

In 1902 it has been the West Hall building as a trading house in the settlement, relocated to the then Kitano-cho, in the UK aristocracy become the residence of the hunters of Ben Allison, fence, wall, existing remains of the time, such as joinery . The polar bear that Ben was Shitome all over the world, narwhal, wildebeest, mousse, a stuffed wild animals, rare animal, such as Links exhibition.


Plato Museum of Decorative Arts (Italy Pavilion)

Taisho initial of historic buildings. 18th and 19th century European antiques, furniture, paintings and sculptures of are on display. Cafes and lunch by the pool of the Western-style garden can enjoy.


Kobe Kitano Museum of Art

Ijinkan was built in 1898 on top of the stone wall. American Consulate dormitory until 1978. Then through the public Ijinkan the White House, it opened as a museum in 1996.

Yamate Hachiban-kan

Mikawa’s mansion that was built in the Taisho era. It is said to wish come true and sit on Satan’s chair.


Western style row houses (France Pavilion)

With the alias of Western-style row houses, apartment of wooden two-story for Motogaikoku people. Currently Art Nouveau tone of the furniture and French works of art will be exhibited.

Kitano Foreigners Club

Social club was reproduced Ijinkan at the time of the Port of Kobe opened.

Kobe Trick Art strange Consulate

We have published such as dining and bedroom in the mansion of the original Panama consul. Trick Art also. It is said that the wish will come true and touch the head of the entrance of the statue Seahorse.

Ijinkan of the hill (the old China Consulate)

Ijinkan which was built in the Taisho era was the consulate of China. Chinese Furniture of the Qing Dynasty era from the Ming Dynasty products and works of art will be exhibited. The only Oriental mood full of oriental Ijinkan in Ijinkan others

The smell of the house Netherlands Pavilion

Former Voruhin House, which was built in the Taisho medium term. Before that had been used as the Netherlands Consul General House. It is open to the public as a Dutch museum in 1987. Or commemorative photo wearing the national costume, make the original perfume.

Vienna, Austria house

Old Kunze House. Museum to introduce the memorabilia and Australian culture and history of the Mozart theme surrounding.

Denmark Museum

Old Johann Frau belt House. Theme Pavilion to introduce the history and culture of the original Nordic Denmark in cooperation with the Danish Viking Museum and Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

British Museum

British design, typical of England Museum of colonial British was living. In the evening, operating the Bar “King of Kings”.

Parasutin House

Mansion of Russian traders, which was built in the early Taisho. Currently, operating as a Pet that can be a coffee shop.


1894 building, the oldest Ijinkan the existing mansion of Mr. Bishop. Currently operating as China Royal Palace fee restaurant.


La Maison de Guranshia

1871 built sauce was French traders Gurashiani’s mansion in (1871). European-style building of colonial style white wooden two-story. Currently operating as a French cuisine restaurant.

Kitano workshop of town

Renewal, leaving cooperation the school building of the old Kitano elementary school. Unique Kobe brand of miscellaneous goods, clothes, sweets, croquette, craft, Brew Pub, workshop as can enter experience shops 20 shop of Kobe brand, such as Japanese sake.

Exchange Center of Kobe immigration and culture

In 1928 it opened as a national immigration camp, helped a lot of emigration mainly in South America until it is closed in 1971. Open to only the 2009 and re-established a migration center as immigration-related facilities in existence in its current form in Japan.

Nunobiki Fall

Odaki (Ontaki) Medaki (Mentaki) Meotodaki (Meotodaki) Koketaki general term of four waterfalls (Tsutsumi is fired). One of the sources of the Kobe water. Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls. Mountain side of Shin-Kobe.

Kobe Nunobiki herb garden, ropeway

The Japan’s largest herb garden, bloom has about 200 species of 75,000 shares of the flower. Shin-Kobe Station just about 10 minutes of the ropeway from the foothills Station to the herb garden the summit, enjoy the views of the Kobe harbor views from the gondola.

Venus bridge

Minato Kobe superb view and $ 10 million night view can be viewed up close. Venus table and signed a gazebo, a loop bridge spiral of figure-eight is beautiful. In the Venus terrace, lovers in love key monuments apply the eternal love oath padlock. About 15 minutes by taxi from the city.

Kobe City Loop

Circulated through the main spot of Kobe to Harborland from Kitano on for tourists bus, which also flows through the guide of the announcement is in the car.



Meriken Harbor area

Kobe Port Tower

Red hourglass design of which was the world’s first pipe structure is beautiful Kobe landmark. Noon of red also of the night lit up and beautiful.

Kobe Maritime Museum

Design of white space frame the image of sails and waves of boat multiplying the ocean is beautiful. Sea of ​​the museum to showcase the things surrounding the ship and the harbor.

Kawasaki World

Kobe representative of Companies with more than 100 years of history, corporate Museum of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group.

Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park

Ji Homura the part of the American Wharf and was affected by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake at the time of the state, it is exhibiting a record of the disaster and recovery.

Meriken Park

Port Tower and the seaside park where there is a marine museum. Beautiful night light up.

Kobe Harborland

Shopping, which is also a movie theater and a Ferris wheel, gourmet, entertainment aligned large complex facilities.

Luminous Kobe

Japan’s largest restaurant cruise ship that was the luxury liner No. Normandy in the 1930s to the model. Sea cruise while eating French cuisine on board of the Art Deco elegant atmosphere from Kobe Bay to Akashi Strait.

Wing Stadium (Noevir Stadium)

Vissel Kobe of the home, soccer-specific stadium in the domestic leading. Walking distance from the subway or JR Hyogo Station.



Port Island Rokko Island area

Port Liner

City of the world’s first unmanned operation monorail that connects the port island there is Kobe Airport from Sannomiya.

Kobe Airport Lookout (Marienplatz air)

Rooftop observation deck of the 2006 opening of Kobe Airport terminal, it is possible to watch the planes take off in the background and the Rokko Kobe port. Port Liner directly. Port Island.

Kobe Youth Science Museum Planetarium

Only there is a planetarium, hands-on Youth Science Museum to learn about science and space in Kobe. Port Island.

Kobe World Memorial Hall

World Champion title match of live concerts and boxing of major artists, exhibitions, to commemorative events, multi-purpose hall for 8,000 houses corresponding to all kinds of events. Port Island.

Kobe animal kingdom

All-weather theme park interacting with flowers and birds. Port Island.
* Required investigation

ASICS Sports Museum

2009 opening. Companies that represent Kobe, Asics company museum. Port Island.

Kobe Fashion Museum

Fashionable of Japan’s first art museum is a public that was the city of Kobe seems to fan Deployment on the theme. Rokko Island.



Mount Rokko, Mont Maya area

Rokko Arima Ropeway

Cable car that connects the Rokko and Arima Onsen.


Mano view line (Maya Cable & Robuwe)

cable car that connects the mountain from the foothills of the Maya Mountains.


Rokko Cable

1932 to the opening of the retro body of Kobe city and the cable that connects the Rokko Mountain.


Rokko Mountain Ranch 

sheep, cattle, ranch has been breeding horses, goats and the like.Tours and classroom experience of Kobe cheese manufacturing process has been held.


Forest Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens world of trees can enjoy.


Rokko Music Box Museum

are from the late 19th century are exhibited automatic musical instruments, such as the early 20th century music box.


Arima area

Hot water of Arima Onsen silver

Hot water of colorless and transparent with a beautiful skin effect.


Arima Onsen gold hot water

Hot water of brown, including the iron and salt.


Hot water of Arima Onsen Taiko

Theme park hot springs where you can enjoy a variety of bath.


Yudono Museum of Taiko

History museum hot spring to introduce the history and culture of Arima Onsen the Taiko Hideyoshi loved.


Arima Toy Museum

Creativity and design of the excellent museum of high-quality toys collected from home and abroad.



Nada, Higashi-Nada area

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

Tadao Ando beautiful appearance designed by. Holdings the work of artists with Yukari in Hyogo Prefecture.


Nada of the brewery

In sake far from what is known in the country for a long time, you can tour the brewery, it is also tasting of sake.


Kobe Sakeshin Museum

Founded 1751, breweries of Kobe sake “Fukuju”. Or to experience the sake of Kuradashi, enjoy meals in the restaurant.



The early Showa era in the old mansion that great writer, Junichiro Tanizaki has lived with his wife and their younger sisters. Stage of the novel “light snowfall”.


Oji Zoo

The only zoo in Japan there are both of the giant panda and koala. Spring is also known for its cherry blossoms.


New frontier Nagata area

Shinkaichi shopping district

Shopping district of retro atmosphere of local people to shop.

Minatogawa Shrine

Kobe the name of the company that enshrines the military commander-Masashige Kusunoki public to be loved by Nanko’s nickname.

Kobe movie museum

Kobe Kinetoscope the 1986 Edison invented was first screened. Museum that at the time of the projector, a collection of posters will be exhibited.

Hyogo Osaragi Nōfuku-ji

Country first indoctrination sacred places. In the precincts, there Hyogo Osaragi’s is of Japanese newspapers father as the first English monument and Japan by Joseph Hiko was noted, which is said Japan’s three Buddha of.

Tetsujin 28-go Monument

Kobe-born cartoonist Mr. Mitsuteru Yokoyama monuments of giant robot of No. masterpiece Ironman 28 which is in Nagata.

Shoes Plaza

Huge red high-heeled monuments town Nagata of the symbol of shoes. There is a custom-made shoes and shoe manufacturers directly managed shops stuck to health.


Suma, Tarumi, Maiko area

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Pearl Bridge)

The world’s largest suspension bridge connecting Kobe and Awaji Island. Light up also beautiful.

Maiko Marine Promenade

Stroll the promenade in the Kobe side of the pearl bridge. Materials and exhibition, also prospects lounge.

Suma beach

Suma coast Speaking of the sea in the Kansai area. Lined with houses of the sea, it rises at the beach parties and beach sports.

Azur Maiko

Scenic spot of white sand and green pine trees “Maikonohama” restored beach park. It is the image of a white sandy beach, such as the south of France code d’Azur.

Suma Aqualife Park

Sea otters and dolphins swim aquarium in the sea.

Suma Rikyu Park

In the spring and autumn-flowering roses, peony and autumn colors, beautiful park through the plum and the four seasons. The European fountain garden there is a rose garden of kings and princes.


Head temple of the Shingon sect Sumadera. Genpei Yukari of historic sites.

Five colors tomb

Sentsubo ancient tomb and Yobaru also, the fourth century, Hyogo Prefecture, the largest of the keyhole, which was built in the second half.


Seishin area

Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium

Universiade in August 1985, built according to the Kobe tournament was Japan’s leading comprehensive stadium. Baseball field, tennis courts, and facilities such as a multi-purpose open space there.


Kobe Winery agriculture park

Wineries Kobe wine in the Nishikobe is made. There is also a pottery museum and barbecue Square.


Kitashin area

Happiness of village

From children to the elderly, comprehensive welfare facilities to heal the mind or the recreation or sports.

Kobe Municipal Fruit Flower Park

I was born in the rich nature of the North Kobe flowers and fruit of the theme park. The park, amusement park, barbecue area, hot springs, there is a hotel command.

Kirinbiapaku Kobe (Kirin Brewery Kobe factory)

Learn the beer factory and manufacturing processes, it can be visually recognized fresh draft beer.



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