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Sannomiya, Motomachi

Area Of Kobe Central. Gourmet And Shopping, Enjoy The Kobe Of Plush.


Once the East beautiful and said the old settlement, the prestigious building are lined up in a classic reminiscent of Europe, high brand boutiques.


Once The Heart Of The Financial Was Told The East Of Wall Street, Has Undergone A Change In The Current Seems To Kobe Fashion District. Sakae Street, Otsu Nakadori, Trying To Find A Shop Off The Beaten Path, Which Was Hidden On The Second Floor of the seafront of the alley and retro building.

Sannomiya Center Town

Mr. Fukuya, shoemaker’s, Gohan’ya’s, the bookstore, Denkiya’s anything aligned arcade street.

Tor West

Fashionable shopping spot of Kobe boutiques and unique shop often.

Tor Road

There is a bakery and restaurants representing the Kobe, clothes and miscellaneous goods shop also.

Sannomiya underpass shopping district (Piazza Kobe)

District Of The Shopping Underpass From Sannomiya To Motomachi. Casual And Old Clothes, Accessories, There Are Many Unique Shops Such As Shoe Store.

Motomachi underpass shopping street (Motoko)

The Kobe Motomachi Over, Core Shops Are Lined Up In The Post-War Black Market Or Free Map Packets Such Deep. Motoko 2 Avenue, Motoko 5, Marked With The Names Such As Motoko Town 6.

Motomachi Shopping Street

Shopping district veritable Kobe person of genuine intention to shopping.


Chinese food as well as Chinese, traditional Chinese medicine, miscellaneous goods shop is also interesting.


Kobe Sogo

Speaking Of Kobe Sogo Department Store Of Sannomiya. Recommended Gourmet Department Store Underground.

Daimaru Kobe store

Speaking Of Motomachi Daimaru Of Department Stores. Anything Aligned Long-Established Department Store.

Mint Kobe

Fashion, accessories, cosmetics, enjoy music, a movie theater are also adult Sannomiya station square building.


Familia Kobe Motomachi head office

Founded in 1950, Kids brand Needless to say Kobekko.


Shop Of Legend Mac In The Motomachi Shopping Street In Kobe. Us To The Repair And Remodeling Of The Old Mac. Beige Mac Or Posters, Apple Museum.


Kitano – Shin-Kobe

Kitano Ijinkan Street

The Ijinkan the city there is also a boutique dealing with exotic goods shop and imported goods.


Yankee Harbor area

Tourist Area Ando Classic Date Spot Of Kobe. Bay Area Where There Is A Landmark Of Kobe. Here If You Feel The Port City Of Kobe.

Kobe Harborland umie

Shopping, gourmet, entertainment, hotels, large shopping mall that aligned all.

umie mosaic

A Variety Of Mall Shops And Restaurants Tenant Enter. Movie Theater Also.

Kobe brick warehouse

Kobe red brick warehouse retro atmosphere is in the fashionable Harborland Reesutoran city.


Port Island Rokko Island area


Reasonable Large Interior Sweden Store. Current Of IKEA In The Second Round Of The Japanese Market, There Is An IKEA Town Rokko To Its Former 1980S.


Nada – Dongtan area

Southern Mall Rokko B612

Landscape Was Lined Once With Beautiful Brick Warehouse Is Lost In The Earthquake, The Classy Shopping Mall Local Family Is Shopping. B612 Comes Out In “The Little Prince” Asteroid.


New frontier Nagata area

Wear fall city Nagata of originated chemical shoes.

Shinkaichi shopping district

Local shopping district retro landscape remains of Showa.

Shoes Plaza

Red High-Huge Heeled Monuments Town Nagata Of The Symbol Of Shoes. There Is A Custom-Made Shoes And Shoe Manufacturers Directly Managed Shops Stuck To Health.


Suma, Tarumi-Maiko area

Marinepia Kobe

Southern Europe of the port city is stylish atmosphere of the concept Mitsui Outlet Park.


Kitashin area

Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets

Huge outlet mall that the image of a luxury residential area Pasadena suburb of Los Angeles.



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