Osaka introduction

The history of Osaka

593 Prince Shotoku, founded the Shitennoji

1583 Hideyoshi Toyotomi Osaka Castle castle

1868 Osaka installation

1889 Meiji Constitution promulgation, Osaka, municipal enforcement in Sakai City

1945 Bombing of Osaka, end of World War II

1970 Osaka World Expo

1985 Hanshin Tigers first victory

1994 Kansai International Airport opened

Model Course of Osaka travel

What’S Interesting Is The Local Osaka People In Osaka. Center Of Osaka, A Namba Which It Can Be Said That The Center And The Center Of There As “North” Of Osaka Umeda Also Say Of Kansai “Minami”. Enjoy The Difference Of Each Of City People And The Of Atmosphere Is Also Interesting. Speaking Of Place Not Only In Osaka, The New World With Tsutenkaku. Walk Eat Osaka Food, Such As Your Favorite Or Skewers. USJ, Theme Parks, Such As Kaiyukan Is Over One Day.


Of Osaka Area Guide

Kita (Umeda Nakanoshima-Tenma) area

4 Th Busiest Station In The World, JR Osaka Station, Hankyu / Hanshin / Umeda Subway Station. Osaka Landmark, The Future Of The Arc De Triomphe And The Umeda Sky Building, Which Is Introduced In Foreign Countries, Japan Huge Umeda Underground Shopping Center, in Japan long Tenjinbashi shopping street and interesting area.

Minami (Namba-Shinsaibashi Nihonbashi) area

Namba, Shinsaibashi, Most Flashy And Lively Osaka Seems Neighborhood In Japan. Kuidaore And Japan’S Huge Neon City Dotonbori, Nihonbashi And Kuromon Market Of Denden Town, Everything Aligned Sennichimae Tool Shop Muscle Those Of The Kitchen, The United States Villages And Horie And Chaotic Area that transmits the epidemic.

Tennoji-Abeno-New World area

Tourist Areas That Do Not Take Off Absolutely New World With Tsutenkaku, Such As If You Had Time Trip To Showa. Shitennoji Temple Is Said To Prince Shotoku Was Founded In Japan’S Oldest Buddhist Council. Japan Tall Buildings Abenobashi Terminal Building And Large Hot Spring Spa World of the world.

Osaka castle – Tsurumi Ryokuchi area

There is Hideyoshi Toyotomi of Osaka Castle and Osaka Business Park.

Bay Area

USJ (Universal Studios Japan) and the world’s largest sea 遊館, such as Tempozan Harbor Village, a theme park Lots of Harbor area.

Osaka City outside


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Access to Osaka

By Airplane

Kansai International Airport

Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)

on the train

Shinkansen Shin-Osaka Station

New Rapid JR Osaka

Kintetsu Express Osaka Namba Station

by bus

Umeda from all over, there is a high-speed bus to Namba

by car

Meishin Expressway Suita IC, Toyonaka IC

China Road China Suita IC, Toyonaka IC

On the ship

Nanko Ferry Terminal


Osaka transportation

Electric train

JR West, Hankyu, Hanshin Electric Railway, Keihan (Keihan Electric Railway), Kintetsu (Kinki Nippon Railway), Nankai Electric Railway, BanSakai train


Midosuji Line, Tanimachi Line, Yotsubashi line, center line, Sennichimae Line, Sakaisuji, Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line, Tram (Nanko Port Town Line)


Osaka Municipal Bus


Basic information of Osaka

Osaka population of about 8.7 million, about a population of about Osaka 2.5 million


Osaka tourism ed.


Umeda Sky Building – Floating Garden Observatory

Umeda underground shopping center

Grand Front Osaka

HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

Osaka Science Museum

The National Museum of Art

Osaka Central Public Hall

Nakanoshima Park Rose Garden

Tenjinbashi muscle shopping district

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Kids Plaza Osaka


Mint Museum

Tenma Tenjin Hanjo Tei


Minami area






Kuromon market

Nihonbashi-Denden Town

Sennichimae tool shop muscle shopping street

Hozenji Alley


Nanba Grand Kagetsu


Tennoji-Abeno-New World area

new world


Osaka City Tennoji Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Osaka Municipal Museum of Art

Abenobashi Terminal Building

Sumiyoshi Taisha


Osaka castle – Tsurumi Ryokuchi area

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Business Park (OBP)

Osaka Museum of History

Namba Miyaato


Bay Area

Universal Studios Japan (USJ)


Tempozan Ferris Wheel

Osaka suburb

Expo Memorial Park

Suita Stadium


Hirakata Park

Osaka gourmet ed.

Of Osaka Specialty, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Green Onions Grilled, Squid Grilled, Skewers, Osaka Sushi, Tetchiri (Fuguchiri), Harihari-Nabe. No1 Classic Okonomiyaki. Is Best To Bake The Chills At Home Because According To Taste.


Okonomiyaki pheasant head office

Cheap and delicious small okonomiyaki shop of Shin Umeda cafeteria Street usual matrix.

Okonomiyaki Yoshifune

Okonomiyaki established.

Okonomiyaki Yukari Sonezaki head office

Office Of The Head Famous Okonomiyaki. Price Is Increased As Compared With The Local. Across The Country To Store A Large Number.

Green onions grilled Yamamoto head office

Green onions grilled birthplace of shops.

Okonomiyaki Dontaku

Well-established store of locals attending specialty chills of Dangsan.

Okonomiyaki Chigusa

Chigusa grilled sandwich the thick pork loin.

Okonomiyaki Sotsuki

Long-established okonomiyaki in the Tenjinbashi muscle shopping street.

Skewer of Weifang

Eyes Of Shops Luxury Skewers Of Osaka Specialty. Stomach Comes Out Until It Is Full.

Sushi government

Sushi’s cost performance preeminent always matrix of Tenjinbashi muscle.


Takechi Udon

Kansai style homemade noodles in the Nakatsu.

Udon shop Kisuke

Kansai style noodles of Umeda.

Grill Ron (RON) Hankyu Sanban Street Branch (Yoshokuya)




Minami area


Okonomiyaki famous shop of Sennichimae that can be matrix.

Okonomiyaki, taste 乃家

Shinsaibashi of long-established, always matrix.


Always matrix established in Dotonbori.

Okonomiyaki Senbo Sennichimae head office

Office Of The Head Famous Okonomiyaki. Price Is Increased As Compared With The Local. Across The Country To Store A Large Number.

Enclosed takoyaki Dotonbori

Shops Of Takoyaki Famous Of Dotonbori. Across The Country To Store A Large Number.

Koka flow takoyaki

Famous takoyaki of America Mura.

Free eaves

Famous curry in Osaka.


Tennoji-Abeno-New World area

New World Ganso skewers Dharma

Famous Skewers Of The The New World. Many Shops In The City.

551 Penglai head office

Of Osaka 551 Speaking Pork Buns Of. Store A Large Number.


Osaka shopping ed.


Hankyu Department Store Umeda head office

Hanshin Department Store


Grand Front Osaka

NU Chayamachi




Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda

Daimaru Umeda

Hankyu Sanbangai

Diamor Osaka

Umeda Loft

Tenjinbashi muscle shopping district


Minami area


Namba Parks

Namba Walk

Universal City Walk Osaka

Shinsaibashi shopping district


Shinsaibashi OPA

Shinsaibashi Parco

Namba Marui

Takashimaya Osaka Store

Daimaru Shinsaibashi


Tennoji-Abeno-New World area

Abenobashi Terminal Building

Abeno Market Park Q’s Mall


Tennoji Mio


Osaka castle – Tsurumi Ryokuchi area

Bay Area

Rinku Premium Outlets


Osaka Hotel Hen


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Osaka

The Westin Osaka

Hotel Hankyu International

Hilton Osaka

Imperial Hotel Osaka

Rihga Royal Hotel


Minami area

The St. Regis Osaka

Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Hotel Nikko Osaka

Hotel New Otani Osaka


Osaka event ed.









Guru Festival PL fireworks display

Time: early August

Location: Tondabayashi


Summer Sonic Osaka

Time: mid-August

Location: Maishima






Osaka Special ed.