About U23

U23 inc. is future company in Canada, Japan and Internet.  U23 was founded by Ken Utsumi in April 23rd 2003 in Toronto. We have been supporting students and travelers from Japan to oversea as Language Travel Agent. We also start to support international visitors in Japan 2013.


U23 Guest House

We have guest house in Osaka for travelers and residents. We have activity tour for travelers.


U23 Language Travel Agent

We support students to study abroad. We introduced language school all over the world for FREE.


U23 Design Factory

We support small business with creative. If you need to design Logo, Web, Flyer…etc ask us.


U23 Publishing

We publish ebooks about life, work, study, travel.

Our Policy

We always find the better way to make all the people happy with creative idea. We believe everybody can be happy with no loser.

Our mission

We develop the spirit of innovation and experiment to create a revolution. We look forward the future rather than the past.

Our Service

U23 House is Share House. It is new accommodation, new community and new lifestyle.

We connect the people, idea and dream.

Company Profile

Company Name: U23 inc.

Representative: CEO Kensuke Utsumi

Address: 5-2-22-602 Toyosaki, Kita, Osaka, JAPAN


2003: U23 Open in Toronto, Launch U23 Language Travel Agent

2005: U23 Kobe Open (closed in 2008)

2008: U23 Tokyo Open (closed in 2016), Launch U23 Design Factory

2009: Launch U23 Future Works

2011: U23 Vancouver Open (closed in 2016)

2015: U23 Osaka Open, Launch U23 Guest House

2020: Launch U23 Share House, U23 Subscription House

… to be continued