Future Work or not?

We here at U23 don’t just support students and travelers – we encourage new life/work style to cross the border. We create revolution with technology and creativity. Change The Future with U23.



This is where we dream up what’s next for U23 and where we do everything necessary to make it happen.

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U23 House

We have created a guest house: creative, collaborative, and fun. Join us in housekeeping, marketing or leadership.

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Work At Home Agent

From your own home, you can promote us and advice for visitors to travel in Japan and students to study abroad.

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Trainee Program

You can study U23 Future Life/Work as intern while you’re still getting your degree.

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Work Exchange Programs

Work and live in U23 House. You get FREE accommodation, experience and fun.

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Volunteering is priceless experience. It’s a chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and have fun.

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U23 Staff, Trainee and Supporter receive a benefits. Discount for guest house, study abroad… and Support for education, travel…

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Our culture is always changing, that is our culture. However our policy “Share The Happiness” is not change since we established in 2003.

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Personality is more important than resume. We are seeking for a person with Speed, Toughness and Adaptivity.

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While you work at U23, you can gain an understanding of other peoples’ way of looking at things.

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If you have questions Jobs at U23,

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If you ready to Change The Future, tell us your passion.

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