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For long term accommodation as Residents.”About U23 House

For short term as visitors go to “Accommodations


You can meet people from all over the world.


You can move in today just bring your self.


Very small initial cost.

U23 House List

Apple Osaka

Live in heart of Osaka. You can do anything in free space with your ideas.

  • Dormitory ¥20,000 ~ ¥24,000
  • Private Room ¥40,000 ~ ¥60,000
  • Management Fee: ¥10,000
  • Hankyu/Osaka Metro Nakatsu Walk 15 min.
    JR Osaka/Hankyu Umeda/Hanshin Umeda Bicycle 10 min.
    Tenjimbashi suji rokuchome Station walk 10 min.

Blue Osaka

Blue House

Live in Riverside and healthy life. You can watch fireworks from the rooftop.

  • Dormitory ¥20,000 ~ ¥24,000
  • Private Room ¥40,000 ~ ¥60,000
  • Management Fee: ¥10,000
  • Osaka Metro Nakatsu station Walk 7 min.
    JR Osaka/Hankyu Umeda/Hanshin Umeda Bicycle 5 min.


When do you want to move in? Which room do you want to live?

Visit and talk with us.

Send us Application form with photo ID. Pay rent, management fee, and deposit.

Tell us your arrival date and time. We will have a kick-off orientation.


  • Registration Fee ¥23,000
  • Monthly Rent ¥20,000 ~ 24,000 /month
  • Management Fee ¥10,000 /month

includes Internet, Hydro, Furnitures

  • Registration Fee: ¥23,000
  • Monthly Rent: ¥42,000 ~ 60,0000/month
  • Management Fee: ¥10,000/month

includes Internet, Hydro, Furnitures



A. For example if you start to live in Apple Osaka Dormitory, monthly rent is ¥20,000, Management fee is ¥10,000 Monthly Cost is ¥30,000. Initial cost is Registration fee ¥23,000 and One month Deposit (=for last month rent) ¥30,000.

A. Credit Card is not available. Cash or bank transfer only.

A. We can tell you who live today, however we always have new guests and residents coming and some guests are leaving.

Help Wanted

Supporter (Volunteer) Wanted

Housekeeper Wanted

Work Exchange, Live Free


Book now for previewing. Feel free to ask any questions.

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