U23 Kobe Event Guide

Kobe Event Guide


Arima Onsen enter the first formula

Be held in Arima Onsen is said to be Japan’s oldest hot water, New Year of traditional events.

Held period: January 2

Venue: Arima Onsen



Nanjing-cho Chinese New Year Festival

Spring Festival Chinese. Rise In Like Lion Dance And Ryuodori In Nanjing The Town.

Held period: early April

Venue: Oji Zoo

J-League kicks off

I Will Try To I Support The Vissel Kobe. Home Carried Out Game, Roughly Every Other Week On Saturday Or Sunday. Also Game There On Wednesday.

Held on time: late February from early December

Venue: Kobe Wing Stadium




Through Oji Zoo going to see cherry blossoms at night

Of Cherry Blossoms Kobe, Oji Zoo. Tunnel Of Cherry Blossoms That Look To The Animals And Together Are Lit Up.

Held period: early April

Venue: Oji Zoo

Infiorata Kobe

The hope of earthquake reconstruction draw a Hanae as of Kobe paved with tulip flowers.

Held time: late May from mid-April

Venue: Kitano



Kobe Festival

Early Minato Of Showa The Festival And Kobe Carnival And Roots Continued From 1971, Different From The Traditional Festivals, The New Festival Of Citizen Creative Type To Be Carried Out In The City. Parade, Samba, And Events Will Be Held In Kobe City.

Held time: late from mid-May

Venue: Kobe the entire city







Port Festival

In May Change Will Held From Kobe Festival In July, Port Festival Was Born Newly. Kobe Summer Party, Which Rises In The Free Events And Live.

Held time: Late July

Venue: Harborland

Samba Festa KOBE

In Kobe Festival Samba Land Of Samba Originated. Port One Of The Festival Of The Centerpiece Events.

Held time: Late July

Venue: Harborland



Minato Kobe marine fireworks display

Fireworks of Meriken Park, Kobe summer tradition.

Held season: mid-August

Venue: Meriken Park

Minatogawa Shrine summer festival

Summer of traditional event that takes place in Minatogawa shrine Kusunoki Masashige public is enshrined.

Held time: late August season

Venue: Meriken Park

Bon dance of Kobe Sea

Largest Bon Odori Kansai. International Bon Dance Contest Also Performed.

Held season: mid-August

Venue: Meriken Park

Kobe Collection

Show For Transmitting Fashion The Latest Trends From The Fashion City Of Kobe. Aka, God Kore (This This).

Held time: late August-early September

Venue: different from year to year, such as Kobe Port Island and Rokko Island



Nanjing-cho Mid-Autumn Festival

‘S Autumn Festival China. Such As Lion Dance Is Performed In Nanjing The Town.

Held season: mid-September from early October

Venue: Nanjing-cho



KOBE Tourism Day KOBE Tourism Week

The city’s various Kobe city of tourist facilities in Kobe tourism PR is free open, limited time event will be held.

Held time: October 3,

Venue: Kobe the entire city


Kobe Jazz Street

The birthplace of Japanese jazz, jazz musicians gather from all over the world, enjoy the raw live jazz in Kobe live houses and bars in the center of the Kitano.

Held time: early October

Venue: Kitano other






Kitanozaka-Ijinkan light up

Ijinkan Is Written Kitano Up. Christmas Events.

Held time: 12 May the end of March from

Venue: Kitano


Kobe Luminarie

Light of illumination that committed the hope of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Requiem and reconstruction of.

Held time: early December

Venue: Kyukyoryuchi-Higashiyuen land



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