U23 Kobe Gourmet Guide

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Kobe Gourmet Guide


In Memory Of When I Lived In Kobe For More Than 10 Years Ago, Now There Is A Possibility To Have Changed Even Taste Of The Shop Atmosphere. Shop Of Information You Want To Go From Now On, Was A Cornerstone Investigation. Also It Includes The Desire To Really Delicious Restaurant Does Not Change, People Who Went To The Shop Of This List I Want You To Come To Hear The Latest Impressions At Toka Twitter. Add And, If You Do Not Attend In What Cuisine Is To Change Impressions In The Difference Things And Chefs Of And Waitresses Who Ate Appropriate Review Is Difficult. The Most Up-To-Date Information, Better To Listen To The Tongue Of Discerning Kobe Madam.

Sannomiya, Motomachi

Citizen and is the center of tourism in the Sannomiya, Motomachi, well-established store set to survive in the battleground.


Teppanyaki Kobe Fuji Sannomiya head office

Taste To Easily Reasonable Kobe Gourmet From Kobe Beef To Buckwheat Rice.

Oi meat shop Motomachi head office

[Kobe Beef Steak] 
Founded 1871, Luxury Japanese Beef Specialty Store. Lunch Cost Performance Is Outstanding.

Oi meat shop Kobe mutual

[Kobe Beef Steak] 
Founded 1871, Beef Specialty Store. So In The Eat-In Corner Of Your Basement, Enjoy A Cheap Good Meat Without Putting On Airs.

Kobe beef Kichijoji

[Kobe Beef Restaurant] 
There A Few Shops In The City From Exclusive Shops To Food Stalls, Opening In Wing Stadium. You Can Experience The Combined Kobe Beef To Hope And Budget.

Steak land Kobe Museum

[Kobe Beef Steak] 
To Provide A Kobe Beef Steak Set Meal Of Cheap Lower Cost.


[Kobe Beef Restaurant] 
Founded In 1885, Kobe Beef Of The Long-Established. You Can Eat Authentic Kobe Beef. There Are Five Stores With A Different Concept. The Good Old Days Of The Head Office, Sannomiya Store Long Counter, Private Rooms Are also Royal Mouriya, Kobe Beef Dining with sofa seat, there is a Japanese style modern Mouriya Rin.

Kawamura of beefsteak

[Kobe Beef Restaurants] 
Famous Fine-Dining Restaurant In Kobe Beef. Shop-Class Chef While Receiving Hospitality In The Calm Space To Eat Authentic Kobe Beef Baked In Front Of The Eye. Sumise In The Prefecture.


Ota house Kobe Motomachi shop

[Kobe Beef Steak] 
Ota Kobe Beef Ranch Farm-Fresh, Well-Established Store That Taste Tajima Cattle.

Kobe Plaisir

[Kobe Beef Steak] 
Fine-Dining Restaurant That Takes Advantage Of The JA Hyogo Direct Management Of Food Route. 
* Required Investigation

Ca ‘St.

[Kobe Beef Steak] 
Kobe City Only Of Three-Star Michelin. 
* Required Investigation

麤皮 (Arakawa)

Needless To Say A Long-Established, Steak Department The World’S First Michelin 2 Star, Fame Also Price The World’S Best Steak. 
* Required Investigation



Western Asahi

Founded In 1961, Western-Style Shop That Can Motomachi Of The Matrix. Bifukatsu Is A Rarity.

Ito grill

1923 Founding, Hamburger Or Stew Is Delicious Kobe Traditional Western-Style Shop In Motomachi. A Sister Store Of Western Shop Hachette Also. One Of The Last Of The Long-Established In The Traditional Long-Established Is Closed.

Continental cuisine Mon

1936 Founding, Elegant Western Restaurant Retro Ambiance Of Showa Rashiku Kobe In The Sannomiya.

Grill Jujiya

1933 Founding, Long-Established Western Shop Retro Atmosphere In The Vicinity Of The Kobe City Hall.


RyuRyu (Ryuryu)

1977 Founding, Supategei Specialty Stores Also Satisfied Taste Nor Atmosphere Price. Sumise In The Prefecture.

Earl Valentino

Delicious And Stylish Pyetsueria Of The Home Were Charged In Kobe Of The Italian Owner.


Since Its Founding In 1962, The Pizza To The Number Ring A Number That Has Been Baked Specialties. A Sister Store Jeu Pets There.


Octopus pot head office (Motomachi)

[Takoyaki (Akashi Yaki)] 
Takoyaki Shop Of Long-Established Kobe. Takoyaki To Eat In The Soup. A Few Shops In The City.

Tachibana Motomachi head office

[Takoyaki (Akashi Yaki)] 
Fast And Cheap And Delicious Takoyaki Shop Of The Common People To Eat In The Soup. A Few Shops In The City.


[Takoyaki (Akashi Yaki)] 
Octopus To Eat While Drinking Liquor In The Downtown Area Of Sannomiya. Wheat Toro Also Delicious.

Akashi yaki Tsukasa

[Takoyaki (Akashi Yaki)] 
Octopus To Eat While Drinking Liquor In The Downtown Area Of Sannomiya.


Nagata tank muscle

There Is Also A Go Easy Delicious Buckwheat Baked In Sannomiya, Sobameshi, Modern Baking Specialty Stores.

Your favorite House Light Ya

[Sobameshi] [Okonomiyaki] 
Cheap And Delicious Okonomiyaki Shop Of The Local In The Kasuganomichi. Sobameshi Is Referred To As The Fried Rice.




Red Door And Chicken Copy-Chan Of Nanjing Town Chinese Restaurant Of The Mark.


[Pork Buns] 
Of A Small Elegant Taste That Can Matrix Of Nanjing-Cho Pork Buns.


This Kobe meat Moriya shop

Founded In 1873, Cheap And Delicious Croquette Shop Can Motomachi Of Large Matrix.

Russian food store Sogo store

[Russian Food] 
Package Is Fashionable Russian Food Specialty Stores In The Department Store Basement.


[Russian Food] 
Russian Cuisine Russian Food Specialty Shop In Motomachi.


And bowl Kichibe

[And Bowl] 
And Donburiya Who Can Matrix Of Center Plaza West Wing Basement. Kitchen Knife Separating The Craftsmanship To Cut And Chef Fast.

Streaks ball bowl Kojiya

[Bowl The First Time] 
Center Plaza West Building Kobe Seems Streaks And Konjac And Eggs Over A Bowl In The Basement.

Tempura set meal Maki

It Is Possible To Eat A Tempura Fried In Cheap. Chain Store Of Kobe Headquarters Toridoll. Corporation. Marugame Made Noodles Also The Same Group. Across The Country To A Large Number.


Patisserie Mont Puryu

Commitment French Pastries By Pastry Chef Shuhei Hayashi Was Trained In France.

Love New

Super Battleground State-Of-The-Art 2012 Opened In Kobe. Pastry Shigeo Hirai Pastry Who Won The World Congress Of Chocolate.

Est-Royal Kobe Nankinmachi

1988 Founding, Speaking Of Delicious Cream Puff Of Motomachi, The Shoe-A-La The Claim Of France Charged.

Patty stream Gregory Colle

Cake Shop Which Can Taste The French Cakes And Sweets Of A Genuine Intention On The Motomachi. Recommend Chocolate Cake.

Patisserie Tsuusutsuusu

In 1986 Was Born In Kobe, Cake Shop Which There Are Several Sister Restaurant In The City. A Few Stores In The Prefecture.


Founded In 1931, It Gave Birth To The Habit Of Valentine’S Chocolate To Japan Morozov. Custard Pudding Is Delicious. Across The Country To A Large Number.

Koenigs Krone

1977 Founding, Kobe Mikage Born In Germany Of Candy.

Yuhaimu head office (Motomachi)

1909 Founding, Baumkuchen Of Authentic German Who Grew Up In Kobe By The Confectioner Of Germany. Across The Country To A Large Number.


Founded In 1923, The Belgian Chocolate Was Born In Kitano.

A la Campagne (Sannomiya head office)

Founding 1991, Full Of Cake Fruit To Eat In The French Provencal Style Of The Store. Across The Country To A Large Number.


1966 Founding, It Came Because Born Pastry. Across The Country To A Large Number.


[Belgian Waffles] 
Waffles End Up Buying About And Hung On The Scent In Front Of The Station. Kobe Onset Of Chain Stores.

Kobe Fugetsudo

[Sweets] [Pastry] 
1897 Founding, Kobe Gofuru. The Origin Of Fugetsudo Is Blind Classification Dates Back To The Edo Period, A Trademark Of Gofuru Have Kobe.

This Takasagoya

[Sweets] [Pastry] 
Ganso 1877, Was Created With Long-Established Japanese Confectionery Shop Specialty Takasago Kintsuba Such As Kawarasenbei. Pastry Ekoruse Famous. Across The Country To A Large Number.

Kobe Mozart

Founded In 1975, Orthodox In Vienna Confectionery. 
In August 2017 The Real Store Closed.

Kan’non’ya Motomachi head office

[Cheese Cake] 
Cheese Cake To Eat Warm In The Oven Toaster Using The Danish Production Of Cheese. Suites Representative Of Kobe.


Le Dimanche, Tor Road shop

Motomachi Stores In Tor Road Also Bag Is Also A Fashionable, Taste Delicious Bakery. A Few Shops In The City.

Vigo shop

Ashiya Famous French Bakery In Kobe Of The Head Office. Kobe International Conference Center Store. A Few Stores In The Prefecture.

Low Gen Meyer

Ashiya Health Friendly Bakery Stuck To The Additive-Free Birth. Kobe Mint Shop. A Few Stores In The Prefecture.

Isuzu Bakery

Founded In 1946. Bread Commitment By Kobe Meister. Kobe Head Office. A Few Stores In The Prefecture.


Akaneya coffee shop

[Coffee Shop] 
Founded In 1965, Sannomiya Luxury Coffee Shop. Brewed Delicious In A Quaint Space And The Stairs To Open The Door To Climb Enjoy The Vertical Of Coffee. Once Commitment Shopkeeper Is Also Interesting History Of Purchases From Hagiwara Coffee Shop.

Charcoal Hagiwara coffee shop

[Coffee Shop] 
Founded In 1928, Sells Fresh Coffee Beans That Arrive From The Factory With Or Origin, Tea Room Can Enjoy On The Spot.


Tea House Musica

Founded In Dojima Osaka 1952, Tea Shop, Which Is Said To Have Provided A Cup Of Tea In The First Pot In Japan. Leaf Tea Is Imported From Sri Lanka And India.


Kitano – Shin-Kobe


[Kobe Beef Steak] 
Well-Established Store Of Kobe Beef Steak In The Kitano. 2014, Apart Shops Also Open. 
* Required Investigation


Established Store-Well To Take Over The Genealogy Of The Legendary Restaurant “Jean Moulin”. Kobe-Style French Cuisine. 
[French Restaurant]

La Maison de Guranshia two

[French Restaurant] 
French Cuisine To Eat In The Kitano Ijinkan.

Paradis Kitano

[French Restaurant] 
French Cuisine To Eat In The Kitano Ijinkan.

Eastern sky Pavilion Kobe head office

Royal Palace Chinese Cuisine To Eat In The Kitano Ijinkan.

Mansion restaurant rain House

[French Restaurant] 
French Cuisine To Eat In The Kitano Ijinkan.


Cuisine To Eat Italian In The Kitano Ijinkan. 
[Italian Restaurant]


Kobe Nishimura Coffee shop in the uptown store

[Coffee Shop] 
Founded In 1948, Elegant And Delicious Kohiya’S Seems To Kobe. A Few Stores In The Prefecture.

Freund Reeve head office

[Bakery] [Cafe] 
Long-Established Baker Lee To Represent The Kobe. It Was Also A Cafe That Is Eating The Freshly Baked Bread Which Was Modified The Chapel Of The Church.

… etc


Yankee Harbor area

Brasilia over Roh

Harborland Churrasco Restaurant. The Day In 2002 When The Korea W Cup Came Also The Brazilian Representative.


Nada – Dongtan area

Mikage Takasugi Mikage head office

Well-Established Store Was Born In Mikage. French Pastries Are Delicious Using Strawberries. 
September Closed 2017.


New frontier Nagata area

Grill Ippei Shinkaichi head office

1952 Founding, Western Shop Of The Common People. Once Upon A Time Of Nostalgia Omelet And Spaghetti. Sumise In The Prefecture Such As Sannomiya.

Grill gold plastic Shinkaichi head office

1941 Founding, Western Shop Of The Common People. It Recommended Haishiraisu. Stylish A Combination Of The Abolition And Curry. Sumise In The Prefecture Such As Sannomiya Underground.


Popular Okonomiyaki Shop At The Local People The Know Of The High Speed Kobe.


Was Born In Nagata Kobe, Streaks Meat, Noodles (Buckwheat), Originator Of Sobameshi Mixed With Rice.

Okonomiyaki snow

Popularity Of Really Delicious Buckwheat Rice At A Local Nagata Kobe.


Suma, Tarumi-Maiko area

Bocksun Higashisuma Sannomiya

1964 Founding, Kobe Meister Is Tailored To The Good Kansai Style To The Material The Candy Of Europe Kobe Confectionery. There Is Also The Sannomiya Has Several Stores In The Kansai Region.


Seishin area



Kitashin area

Koyama roll

Cake Roll] 
Roll Cake Shop That Can People Quailty Matrix To Know.

Teppanyaki Kobe Fuji Sanda shop

Taste To Easily Reasonable Kobe Gourmet From Kobe Beef To Buckwheat Rice.

Ten percent soba Yamae

Jibie (Meat Of Wild Birds And Animals Caught In Hunting In French) And Seems Well-Established Store Of Buckwheat Tokachi. * Required Investigation



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