U23 Osaka-Kansai Gourmet Guide

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Osaka is the place to eat. Osaka people are most strict for food in Japan. It’s very tough for restaurant to survive in Osaka. You must try such as Osaka soul food, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Negiyaki, Ikayaki, Kushikatsu, Tenpura, Osaka Sushi, Udon. If you still hungry Tetchiri (Fuguchiri), Harihari-Nabe. It’s not only eating but also experience.  Best Okonomiyaki

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U23 Osaka-Kansai Guide: Introduction

U23 Osaka-Kansai Guide Index Osaka-Kansai Guide Introduction Osaka-Kansai Sightseeing Guide Osaka-Kansai Gourmet Guide Osaka-Kansai Shopping Guide Osaka-Kansai-Event Guide Osaka- Kansai-Hotel Guide   History of Osaka 593 Prince Shotoku founded the Shitennoji 1583 Hideyoshi Toyotomi build Osaka Castle 1868 Osaka installation 1889 Meiji Constitution promulgation, Osaka, municipal enforcement in Sakai City 1945 Bombing of Osaka, end

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U23 Osaka-Kansai Event Guide

Spring Grand Sumo March Tournament in fifteen days from early March at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium Higashiyama Hanatoro *Kyoto from March 3rd to 12th at Higashiyama   Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) *Nara, Kyoto, Himeji, Kobe, Osaka One of most fantastic event in Japan around Early April or more in the middle of April at Osaka Mint,

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How to take Taxi in Japan

Japanese Taxi Summary ・Generally taxi in Japan is reliable except private taxi. ・Japanese taxi drivers usually do not understand English. ・Highly recommend to use Taxi app with your smart phone. ・No need tips.       Taxi App Didi Available in Osaka. Get Didi free ride coupon from this invitation link for U23 travelers >

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Survival Japanese Phrases

Basic Yes はい Hai No いいえ Iie Please おねがいします Onegaishimasu I’m sorry ごめんなさい Gomennasai Excuse me すみません Sumimasen I don’t understand わかりません wakarimasen Where is XXX? XXXはどこですか XXX wa doko desu ka How much is this? これはいくらですか? Kore wa ikura desu ka? Can you speak English? 英語を話せますか? Eigo wo hanase masu ka? Please take me

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