How to take Taxi in Japan

Japanese Taxi Summary

・Generally taxi in Japan is reliable except private taxi.

・Japanese taxi drivers usually do not understand English.

・Highly recommend to use Taxi app with your smart phone.

・No need tips.




Taxi App


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Line Taxi

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How to take taxi

To hail a taxi, either go to a taxi stand (usually located in front of train stations) or flag one down at a location where it is safe for it to stop. A plate on the dashboard in the lower corner of the windshield indicates whether a taxi is vacant or not.


空席 Vacant

賃走 Occupied


Usually, a red plate indicates that the taxi is vacant, while a green plate indicates the opposite (see illustration below). During the night a light on the roof of a taxi can indicate that the taxi is vacant.


When you board a taxi, note that the vehicle’s left rear door is opened and closed remotely by the driver. You are not supposed to open or close the door by yourself, except when using a different door. Furthermore, you are not supposed to tip taxi drivers. If you do not speak Japanese or if your destination is not a well known place, it is recommended to give your driver the address of your destination on a piece of paper or – even better – point it out on a map, since the Japanese address system can be confusing even to local taxi drivers.


How to take taxi

How to call taxi

Could you come pick me up at XXX?


XXX he mukae ni kite moraemasu ka?


How to get where you are going.

If you want to go famous place, tell taxi driver the name of the place.


Could you go to XXX please.


XXX made onegaisimasu.


If you have the address or map, show taxi driver the address/map.


Could you go here, please.


Koko he itte kudasai.

Turn right/left, please.


Migi/Left he magatte kudasai.


Go straight, please.


Massugu Itte kudasai.