How to move in

Step 1 Contact

When do you want to move in? Which room you want to live?

Step 2 Preview

Visit and talk with us.

Step 3 Register

Send us Application form with photo ID. Pay rent, management fee and deposit.

Step 4 Moving

Tell us your arrival date and time. We will have kick off orientation.

How to move out

Step 1 Extend or Moving out notice

This is subscription agreement for monthly. When you pay next month deposit it will extend one month. When you have decided to move out, please inform us “moving out form” at least 1 month prior to your move out day. You can use deposit for last month. If you move out less than 1 month, we cannot pay back.

Step 2 Moving out

Before you move out, clean your room please. Our staff will check the room together with you. If you damaged the room, we may ask to repair.

Step 3 Keep in touch

Please keep in touch with us on SNS and share your news. You are always welcome back.

One month Notice and One month Deposit

One month Deposit

If you move in on April 1st, you have to pay next month rent and one month deposit before March 30th.

One month Notice

If you move out on December 31st, you have to notice us before November 30th. You can use deposit for December Rent. If you notice us in December 10th and move out December 31st, we cannot return your deposit.


We may ask you move out with some reasons. It is also one month notice.

We are always updating our house rules, prices, conditions.

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