FAQ for Residents

How match I have to pay to live U23 House?

A. For example if you start to live in Apple House Dormitory from July 1st, Monthly rent is ¥20,000, Management fee is ¥10,000 Monthly Cost is ¥30,000. Initial cost is Registration fee ¥23,000 and One month Deposit (=for last month rent) ¥30,000.

What I need to live there?

A. Photo ID, wallet, smart phone with SIM Card and slack.app.

How match luggage I can keep there?

A. Highly recommend to move with minimum luggage.Less is more. When you throw away them, you can get more.

There are a few space for dormitory. Luggage Maximum 1 suit case, 23kb. If you have more you need to pay private room rent.

You cannot keep your luggage at share space except foods.

What kind of examination do you have?

A. We check your ID, basic information and your personality is most important.

Can I invite friends, my boy/girl friends or family?

A. You need to ask on U23 House Chat group to manager when, where, who, why they visit our place. If they are trustful people, they can access only shared space. To enter bed room, you need permission by manager. In case they break something, steal something… you have to cover them.

If they want to stay over night, they can stay with daily rate.

If you want to have some events, you can do it to pay rental space fee.

Can I have party, study group, event...etc?

A. Yes you can do it to pay rental space fee. We may support cost for some educational event.  About Rental Space >

Do you mind if I often move in and move out, because I am nomad.

A. Off course. This is the place for nomad.

Can I smoke?

A. We strictly forbidden smoking in house and in front of house to avoid trouble with neighborhood and keep clean air. You can smoke near convenience store.

Can I stay with pets?

A. No.

Can you discount?

A. If you work for us, you can get discount or free rent. About Work Exchange Program >

Can I pay by credit card?

A. Currently credit Card is not available. Cash or bank transfer only.

Can I ask who live there?

A. We can tell you who live today, however we always have some new guests and residents coming and some leaving.

Do you have any rules about laundry?

A. You can laundry anytime nobody using one. However don’t leave clothes after finishing washing them. In case you leave your clothes in washing machine, somebody will get them off. Please check U23 House Rules >

My mom/dad said blabla....

A. We are sorry here is probably not good place for you. Here is the place for independent people.

If you want to grow up to be the one, we recommend to study abroad.

We understand it’s really difficult to get sympathy with old generation about future mind, international cultures and share house movement