Why U23 Activity


The commercial tour is usually they have fix route and timetable. You probably want to stay more some places and you want to stay less some places. You may change mind during the trip because of your feeling, wethers…etc. So our tour is private tour for you. We can change your trip as match as we can. We can go anytime, anywhere you want to go. Super flexible.



We live here. Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe is our home town. We have knowledge and connection with neighborhood. We know we what to do in here. We know when and where we should go and should not go. We show you not only highlight of city but also hidden places. We are local masters. We will make unforgettable memory for you.



The is not old touristic tour. We are reinventing futuristic travel stye. The commercial tour guide might be a business like attitude. We are a little bit different. We hang out with you like your friends. We will explore area together. You will never travel alone.