U23 House Osaka Apple – Check-in/out

[msg type=”notice”]This is Self Check-in, you MUST receive PASS CODE before you start travel.

Map apps (google map, apple map…etc) is NOT correct for this house.[/msg]

Check-in time

Between 16:00 and 22:00

Check-out time

Before 11:00

How to Check-in

1: Confirm Pass Code

Confirm Pass Code by us by email before you lose Wi-Fi.

2: Arrive House

Arrive house to follow Access Guide.

*Google map is NOT correct for this address.

3: Get House Key

Open Key Box and get House Key using Pass Code.

Where is Key Box

How to open Key Box Video Guide

How to open Key Box

1. Dial pass code. *We will let you know passcode by private message.

2. Slide switch to right

3. Pull the bar

4. Open the box

5. Always return key to keybox.

4: Enter House

Enter house. Security Camera and Reception Robot record all people who enter the house automatically.

5.  Send Passport Copy

Send Passport Copy to us by email.

During Stay

For House information > Read Manuals

For local information > Read U23 Guide


House Rules and Wi-Fi

How to Self Check-out

1. Send us message

Send us message when you check-out.

2. Return Key

Return House Key to Key box.

3. Keep in touch

When you or your friends visit us next time, we may have special price for you.


“I’ve arrived but don’t see your door.”

Check the door photos by Access Guide. > Access Guide to U23 House Osaka Apple


“Do I have the right address?”

Check address by Access Guide. > Access Guide to U23 House Osaka Apple


“Sorry, can I ask keybox pass code?”

Check  “Self Check-in Guide” email.